Do you face similar questions when it comes to skincare?

Well, guess what, you are not alone. We did too!!!

And thus we decided to quit waiting for others to find a solution and become a solution ourselves and started


Beauty World

In 2021, The Unplugged started
with 3 core principles:
to offer nature inspired, effective and modern solutions to modern skin problems while prioritizing the preservation of nature.

Who are we?

We are a modern ayurvedic, honest and transparent personal care brand. Our roots in India bring a rich heritage of Ayurvedic skincare passed down for generations.

There are so many natural, organic, vegan, ayurvedic skincare brands in India, how is The Unplugged different?

Well, the answer to this lies simply in the core values and beliefs of our brand. We started with a motive to provide end-to-end solution i.e to educate customers about skincare, transparent with our ingredient lists and provide best of products.


We strongly believe that just using skincare products does not complete your skincare. One needs to adopt a “well-balanced lifestyle” along with “good products” to truly achieve the stunning skin you always wanted.

We will try to bring the best of both for our Unplugged Tribe and not just sell products.


Taking out time for yourself and your skin regularly is the secret to healthy skin. We are here to motivate our Unplugged Tribe to exploit the true potential of habit and regime.


There is an abundance of complicated, inaccurate advice on skin care. Being customers with knowledge of skincare, we can see how some players are misusing terms like natural, transparency etc.


A promise to provide only the best. Be it products or skincare guidance.

Our products are 100% worry-free. They are formulated by experts, made with nature’s best ingredients, and contain no nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances or colour.


We are on a mission to recycle the glass and plastic packaging once it has served its purpose. See the LoveNatureBack campaign.

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