love nature back

Finding new ways to give back to mother nature?

Here is an extremely satisfying and rewarding way to love nature back!!!

Send 5 of our used jars/bottles
get one product free!!!
8.3 Bn

It is estimated that since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide


73% of beach litter worldwide is plastic.


It is a huge problem in India as well. It is estimated that only ~36% of plastic is reused in India.

We at The Unplugged are committed to helping our mother nature deal with the issue of plastics. This is the reason why we try to get most of our packaging is glass. But, there are a few products that need to be carried around and have to be in plastic. That is why it is very important to get the packagings recollected and recycled. Thus we urge all our unplugged tribe to help in this endeavour, and get rewarded on the way.

Join The Unplugged’s #LoveNatureBack campaign

  • 1

    Fill out the form to send unplugged jars/bottles/tubes

  • 2

    Clean, package and ship the empty jars/bottles/tubes to the shipping address given below. Do not forget to write your Name, mobile number, email ID and complete address.

    Shipping Address
    1st Floor, 3rd N-28
    Nehru Nagar, Ambedkar Road, Ghaziabad, India
  • 3

    Simply relax and unplug. You shall receive a free product at your shipping address.



Q. Is the offer valid for Unplugged jars, tubes and bottles only?

A. Yes, the offer is valid only for empty jars/bottles/tubes of The Unplugged

Q. Can I send empty bottles of samples as well?

A. No. The offer is valid only on empty jars/bottles/tubes purchased from The Unplugged

Q. How should I pack the jars/bottles before sending?

A. Make sure that the jars/bottles are fully empty. Wash and dry the jar/bottles. Pack it securely to ensure no breakage during transit. Pack them into a corrugated box, if available.

Q. Do you provide pick up service as well?

A. Yes, we provide free pick up service. Please Contact Us .

Q. In how many days will I receive my free product?

A. You will receive your free product within 15 days from arrival of empty jars/bottles at The Unplugged address

Q. Which product will I receive from The Unplugged?

A. The free product will be decided by The Unplugged. While we will strive to provide the product of choice selected in the form, final decision on which product to send rests with The Unplugged and shall be decided by us based on a host of factors such as availability etc.

Q. Can I exchange the product received from The Unplugged?

A. No, the product received from the unplugged through this offer cannot be exchanged.

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