Why should you not follow a 7 step skincare routine blindly?

Not everything hyped up is good for everyone and shows results. Just because it is extremely popular, well-known, and trending, that doesn’t mean that that will be good and useful for you. affect you in the long run. Similarly, the most hyped-up skincare routine especially right now is seven-step skincare. There are thousands of people who have got results by following the seven steps for skincare routine but there are also thousands of people who have found it unnecessary, not useful, and extremely hyped up. There are many girls out there especially teenagers who have been influenced by the influences and Youtubers and started following this specific 7 step skincare routine. Blindly following the suggestions suggested by the social media influencers and your friends is gonna affect you in the long run. Each of us has a very different skin type and we also need to treat it similarly. Just because your favorite Youtuber is having some great results after using the seven steps skincare routine doesn’t mean that it will show similar results on your skin. 

The seven-step skincare routine is a very long process and extremely time-consuming. You need to apply seven different products on your skin step by step which consumes a lot of time and the products used in the seven-step skincare routine are mostly not affordable. 

  • The products that don’t suit your skin can have adverse effects on your skin and can damage it badly. So without imitating or following someone, consult a doctor and use the prescribed skincare for you if you are having any skin issues.
  • While applying 7 different products step by step on your skin at once, your skin can get irritated and can get inflamed.
  • You need to remember that Korean skincare was initially made by the Korean people for the Korean people. Yes, they have beautiful glass-like skin but the skincare is meant to suit people of that place in that weather. So it has a high chance of leaving your skin in a bad condition in different weather.
  • Their products have fragrance and the fragrance formulation and high concentration in skincare products are harmful to your skin. One single skincare product with a fragrance in them can damage your skin. Now you can imagine what these seven-step skincare products can do to your skin as all the 7 products have some kind of fragrance in high concentration in them.
  • The process of skincare is very detailed and not all the products have different effects on your skin. There is no point in using toner, essence, ampoule, and serum at once. There are thousands of brands available out there who make some beautiful serums that have lots of good effects and work magically on your skin. So instead of investing your money in 4 different products, you can invest money in a bottle of serum which will cost you less and will also save your time from doing a whole process of skincare.

Always remember that being natural is the most useful and easiest way for healthy skin. Just because you get to use seven products on your skin at a time doesn’t mean that it will show some remarkable results. It might be helpful but if it is not helpful then it will destroy your skin.


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