Vitamin C for Skin: What percentage should you use?

How do I find if my product has Vitamin C in it?

Read the ingredients. Vitamin C is referred as Ascorbic Acid. L-Ascorbic Acid is the one that works the best but it is highly unstable. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is most commonly used form of Vitamin C as it stable.

How will Vitamin C help my skin?

While Vitamin C in your diet is essential, a citrus fruit bowl isn’t the only way to glowing skin. When applied topically to the skin, Vitamin C accelerates the production of elastin and collagen, which are protein fibers. These promote skin cell regeneration and fight pigmentation, giving you younger, healthier, and firmer-looking skin. 

Ok, but why should I get a Vitamin C serum?

When used in the form of a serum, it is very much like the main course of your skincare routine, with all the benefits of selected active ingredients in high concentrations. Investing in a vitamin C serum will mean that it is not only a key contributor to your skin’s health but a really good one.

The concentration percentages are so confusing. Which one should I pick?

A concentration between 5-20% works best for your skin. Don’t try to go overboard with more than 20%, as it won’t give you an extra benefit, but only pose a risk of skin irritation. For instance, the result won’t be any better if you pick one with 30%. It will in fact cause skin irritation and might lead to burns. If you have sensitive skin, or you are a beginner, stick to the lower end of the spectrum by going with 5% as it won’t risk irritation.

When is the best time to use my Vitamin C serum?

In the evenings. It is not the best to use it before you head out into the sun, since it oxidizes when it comes in contact with the sun. It may make your skin a tone darker due to UV ray damage. If you are applying it in the mornings, remember to apply to your sunscreen. 

Why does my skin tingle when I use a Vitamin C serum?

The slight tingling sensation means that the product is working its magic. Don’t worry. Vitamin C is a kind of exfoliant, which means that it works by removing the dead skin cells on the outermost layer, causing a bit of a sting. This is only a slight feeling and shouldn’t cause concern. However, tingling is not the same as burning. If your skin has an adverse reaction to the product that you can’t control within minutes, stop using it. 

Does Vitamin C have any side effects?

The milder forms of vitamin C in skin care products are often easily tolerated. If you have extremely sensitive or allergy-prone skin, consult a physician or seek medical advice before taking a Vitamin C product for the first time. It is also advisable to do a patch test and discontinue use if there are any signs of extreme irritation.

Why does Vitamin C products come in dark bottles?

Vitamin C oxidizes when it comes in contact with the sun. Always look for this particular trait if you are buying any product with vitamin C.


Product recommendations: Try The Unplugged’s Advanced Repair Serum that has 5% Vitamin C | 5% Mulberry | 2% Hyaluronic Acid | 5% Centella Asiatica or CICA. It is highly recommended for beginners, sensitive skin and acne prone skin.


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